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Question: We are looking for a software solution that will allow us to print our checks on demand.  Do you have any suggestions of a secure software that can integrate with our host package and print MICR?

Answer:  If you are an accounts payable department or financial institution you may want to consider TROY AssurePay software to automate your MICR check issuance process.   The software eliminates the need for expensive pre-printed check stock and provides total administrative control, based on established rules and policies. This solution can be used as a manual check application or add capabilities to your host system. Multiple Software license can be purchased to print to each MICR Printer. Though TROY MICR Printers are preferred by tens of thousands of organizations throughout the world to help control all aspects of printing, they are not required to use this software. TROY has developed the software so that it will activate the printed embedded security features in a TROY MICR Printer, but has not removed the capabilities to print to another preferred device. TROY AssurePay software has been developed as a replacement to the old TROY Check Print Software. The new software features signature logic, signature automation and intelligent print routing to save time during the check issuance process. It is a simple choice over competitive solutions because beyond its competitively low cost. In addition TROY AssurePay software employs the most current software architecture, assuring it will run on the latest computing equipment and long life for the investment.


Question: How can I protect my checks from fraudulent alteration?

Answer: There are several ways to protect your checks from fraudulent alteration because there are several kinds of alteration that can occur.  How to protect checks from fraud

Mechanical alteration is the removal of a printed character by scraping the ink or toner with a knife. To help prevent this from occurring you need to verify that the MICR toner and paper you use to print official checks work in unison and provide superior adhesion. The highest level of protection against mechanical alteration is the use of “indelible” printing, a process where the printed characters permeate through the document preventing removal of the entire character without destroying the check.

Chemical alteration is the removal of a printed character with an ink or toner solvent. To help prevent this from occurring, look for chemical reactivity in your toner and paper stock.  Chemical reactivity in toner provides the highest level of protection because it reveals tampering with a highly-visible stain, even on check forms with tinted backgrounds.

Question: What do I need to turn my printer into a check printer?

Answer:  By purchasing MICR fonts on a memory device that is compatible with your printer, you can easily add check printing capabilities to your existing laser printer. Adding a MICR toner cartridge with the MICR fonts will complete the solution.  However, verification that your teller application software is capable of printing to this upgraded MICR printer is imperative.  Middleware check printing software is available to facilitate this interface. However, most banks prefer a direct interface in order to avoid unnecessary IT expense and overhead. It is advisable to seek out a MICR printing solutions vendor that provides MICR printing options and integration services that facilitate a direct interface. 

Question: Our Loss Prevention group would like to enhance the security of our laser MICR check printers at our branch banks.  What are the risks and what can be done about them?

Answer:  Depending on the location of your check printer there are different risks and methods that can help reduce these risks. Since most check printers at financial institutions need to be accessiblKey locks on printer paper trays prevents fraude to the teller staff, the special check stock can be easily pilfered. By utilizing a printer with locking trays, branch managers are able to control the risk of official check stock pilferage more effectively. 

Lack of operational control in check printing provides opportunities for internal check fraud.  A MICR printer with accessibility control provides branch managers with the tools needed to reduce this risk.  For example, printer passwords or key-controlled accessibility provide administrators with the ability to turn the MICR capabilities off when they are not needed.  By adding a locking tray to any standard printer you are now one step closer to completely securing your printer work station.

If you have a question about MICR please feel free to send your questions to: info@troygroup.com and a MICR specialist will get back to you.


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Knowing how to print MICR is only the first step in the check printing process it is also important that you know how to protect your documents from alteration and other forms of fraud.  The White Paper below discusses new innovations, which will protect a company from chemical alteration.

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